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Jun 17, 2019

Van Diemen Project

Adam Mostogl is the Executive Director of the Van Diemen Project, which was recently announced as Tasmania’s Most Innovative Startup. Listen in on one of our sposors podcasts EATT Magazine on the podcast at 30000 feet with Jetstar and a flight into Artificial Intelligence

The Van Diemen Project is focused on empowering Tasmanian businesses and entrepreneurs to do great things globally and practically supports the community to see self-employment and entrepreneurship as an employment possibility, business advice and mentoring, short intensive courses as well as being Tasmania’s first business accelerator and incubator.

Adam’s passion for strategy, education, digital marketing and low-capital start-ups are all explored through the Van Diemen Project, especially as Adam looks beyond what the business does to influence the entire region. This has seen Adam become a director of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce as well as the director supporting start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurship for Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation (a regional government organisation that covers one of the three regions of Tasmania).

While The Van Diemen Project was founded in 2016, Adam has had a passion in the area of supporting entrepreneurs for a number of years, which included him being announced as the 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year (and finalist for Young Australian of the Year) for his passions in entrepreneurship, education and community development. He was also given an honourable mention (and was the only Tasmanian) in the 30under30 list for young Australian entrepreneurs for 2015.

Currently based in Tasmania with his wife Jessi and son Timothy, Adam is heavily involved in the local community too, often caught volunteering time to help community organisations to be bigger and better and to help all Tasmanians dream. Living by his motto that “if you want something done for the community, you need to get out and do it”, Adam inspires young people to realise their potential, unleash their creativity and seize the opportunities, because, as he says, “the world is ready”.



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