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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jul 2, 2019

This workshop is designed to elevate your communication skills so you can connect with your audience with confidence and clarity.

We provide an engaging, interactive and fun environment where you will gain the skills to bring out your most confident natural self - whether delivering a briefing, presentation, pitch or keynote speech.

Ever since Dan was a child he has been fascinated with the interconnections between people, language, ideas, and creativity.

Following these passions, he studied philosophy, literature and music performance, learned to cook at a professional level and then over the next 3 decades pursued careers in hospitality, retail, sales and marketing.

In 2017 he knew it was time to weave his skills with those of his wife, Linda, who has over 3 decades experience as an actor and corporate trainer.

Simpateco was borne of their passion for communication and creativity with the mission of helping people to communicate their purpose clearly and powerfully, integrating both content and context.

In our content-filled world the ability to make a meaningful connection with your audience is vital in all communications. Whether collaborating with startups, small businesses, corporates or tertiary institutions, the fundamental challenge is to make big ideas simple and relatable and to connect with the audience.

Dan is also an organizer with Melbourne Silicon Beach and enjoys connecting like-minded people to grow and strengthen the local startup community. It was at a Melbourne Silicon Beach pitch night back in 2017 where he first started to see the potential to help the startup community with communication and soft skills. 

In his spare time, Dan can be found cooking, playing guitar, reading or hanging out with Linda and their dog, Missy.

Silicon Beach Radio founded by Cullen Pope in 2015 and has also won the popular vote winner in the first Australian podcast awards in Industry Focus and is now listed with the National Film & Sound Archive. 

Learn more by joining Cullen on Engel Jones podcast to find out more about our Small Business SEO strategist and startup advocate along with Engel the author of Y.O.U.R.S: Your Own Unique Real Self on the twelve-minute convos podcast,

Cullen is also the editor of the EATT Magazine travel podcast which can also be found on the Owltail Best Podcasts 2019

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