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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jun 2, 2019

Join Cullen Pope host of the  

hos of the Silicon Beach Radio program and podcast

Welcome to our Silicon beach Event

Our first Silicon Event will be a book writing workshop by Silicon Beacher Catherine Moolenschot. Catherine pitched at our June MSB Drinks. We were so impressed by her work that we invited her to kick off the SiliconEvent series.

A new podcast also backs silicon Beach Radio Learn English with Cullen created to improve English speaking

Do you have a book lurking inside that you know you need to write, but don’t know where or how to start?

Books can be anything from a great part of the marketing strategy for your startup, to a personal journey that shares your wisdom and experiences through a memoir.

At this session, Catherine will take you through her Unpacking Your Book process, where you will learn: Important exercises to do before you type the first word

How to make your book UNIQUE so people will buy it

How to create your Writing Roadmap so you know what to write when Catherine Moolenschot wrote her first book “A Rough Road” at 13 and has been writing ever since. 3-4 years later, Her love for learning and personal development lead her to provide advanced training in speaking, facilitation, business, marketing, and communication alongside completing High School.

At 17 she wrote her second book ‘Failure Is Underrated’, and gave her first TEDx talk ‘Living Your Funnel of Greatness’. She was then asked to speak in schools across Australia, so launched her business Inspire Greatness. She has spoken in Australia, England, and South Africa. At 20, she wrote her third book - a novel inspired by the teenagers she was working with in schools.

Today Catherine coaches individuals through the process of writing their own book; she helps from beginning to the end, starting with unpacking their book to being their chief editor.

Checkout more of Catherine’s work at