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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jul 23, 2019

Kiki Makrogiannis, founder of KIKI Enterprises – MIC DROP MEDIA & LinkedIn superstar shares her experiences in growing her marketing & branding business while raising a family - building on her father's legacy, the quest for sleep, learning from mistakes and avoiding burnout.

Kiki on Kiki:
I’m very passionate about the trade, building and construction industries. I grew up within the trade industry, my father was a builder and seen first hand the commitment and sacrifices.  

My passion is to help them with branding, marketing and job leads. And I really love helping out the ‘little guy!’ This is why I do what I do, this is my love and this my passion!

My aim is to help construction, building and trade businesses across Australia with personalised branding, digital and marketing solutions!

I’ve always had a strong passion about helping people in these industries and I truly appreciate the opportunity to work closely with many amazing clients each day.

One of my favourite parts of my job is going out on construction sites and seeing my clients work first hand. I always get a stronger appreciation of what they do and a deeper understanding of their needs.

My goal is to become the number one provider of marketing, branding and digital solutions to trade, building and construction industries across Australia.

I would also love to run a non for profit foundation where Australian trades can get better access to services such as medical, health, finance and insurance etc.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a free-spirited individual, I love thinking ‘outside the box’ and I always enjoy having fun with content creation! 

Originality is something that’s important to me when creating great content and this will always resonate with your online community.

Being different isn’t a bad thing, use it to your advantage! Being raw, unique and just being you, is what separates you from everyone else and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Be strong, be brave and stay true to you, because you will be unstoppable! Never give up and keep striving to become the best version of yourself!

Much love


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