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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jun 19, 2019

illuminate Education
In any given week, Adam Mostogl might be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their companies.

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Stimulating small businesses to challenge the status quo, challenging communities to understand their potential or teaching hundreds of students to embrace innovation to solve the problems of the future.

Adam is passionate about embracing creative and innovative solutions to common problems, with experience in retail, heavy industry, tourism, hospitality, and brand management. Since 2010, over 2700 young Australians have undertaken entrepreneurial education programs lead by Adam, which focuses on inspiring students to recognise how they can be the job creators of the future, which helped illuminate Education and Consulting in being awarded the Business Mentoring & Renewal Award at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Awards two years in a row (2012 & 2013). Adam is also recognised in the digital marketing field in Tasmania, assisting government agencies and marketing firms in teaching, developing and implementing digital marketing solutions – which is more fun than it sounds!

Adam was announced the 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year – and a finalist for Young Australian of the Year – for his endeavours in entrepreneurial programs, education more generally as well as community development, especially around helping the West Coast see a way forward after the Mt Lyell Mine Closure. He was also given an honourable mention (and was the only Tasmanian) in the 30under30 list for young Australian entrepreneurs for 2015. Adam is also incredibly active in empowering educational change in Tasmania, being on the advisory board for the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment as well as supporting the Launceston Chamber of Commerce engage in education by being a board member.


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