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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jun 1, 2019

Join Henry Weaver the Experience Manager at Fishburners

Fishburners is more than just a co-working space, we’re a passionate community of startups. Silicon Beach Radio is a popular vote winner at Australian podcast awards where Cullen won the most popular vote in
industry focus.
Our vision is to bring together the best startups in Australia and help grow the tech scene here in not only Sydney but also Australia.

Fishburners is different from other co­-working spaces because we’re a non­profit that only exists thanks to the amazing support of our community and sponsors.

Fishburners is the largest tech co-working space in Australia. We have housed 621 startups over the past 5 years and currently have 176 startups in our co-working space, providing the basic necessities to run a tech startup.

There are no equity splits, we are not an incubator, we are not an accelerator. As a not-for-profit charitable institution, our one objective is to inspire more startups. We do this by having a critical mass of startups in one space to raise the visibility of startups, secondly, we validate those startups i.e Fishburners stamp of approval and then connecting startups to support either internally or externally.

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