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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jun 18, 2019

Chris is a sixth-generation Tasmanian, he can now probably be considered a local.
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Managing businesses and leading teams is something Chris has done all of his working life. He loves nothing more than seeing individuals and businesses succeed. He has been in the Startup and small business consulting space since 2008, bringing his unique knowledge of the Tasmania business landscape to sme’s across the state.

A long-time supporter of innovation and start-ups, Chris was the first non-founding Board member of Startup Tasmania.

Chris founded Cowork Launceston in 2012 so that small businesses and remote workers could have a central place to work, in a better quality facility than any of the businesses/individuals could afford by themselves. He believes that working in a collaborative environment businesses and individuals achieve more. Chris co-founded the Van Diemen Project with other Coworkers. The Van Diemen Project was recognised as Tasmania’s most innovative startup in 2016.

In a very short period of time the Van Diemen Project has grown to a team of five and this year it will commence Tasmania’s first business accelerator. One of the few accelerators in Australia, open to businesses from all sectors, i.e. not just tech; and probably the only accelerator to accept businesses from any stage in their life cycle. The Van Diemen Project has plans to adapt its accelerator program to suit incubation. With ambitions to provide the program in small clusters across Tasmania.

As well working with the Van Diemen Project and Cowork Launceston, he is a Board Member on a couple of community service organisations.

In his spare time, Chris occupies himself on his two and half acre property on the outskirts of Launceston. With two cows, a calf, a dog, four chooks, a cat a goldfish, twenty plus fruit trees and a vegie garden, there is always something for him to do on the ‘farm’.


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