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Silicon Beach Radio - Strange Destinations with Dan O’Grady

Jun 21, 2019

Rob Greenlee on Silicon Beach Radio the Industry Focus vote winner at the Australian podcast awards.

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Rob Greenlees podcasting pathway started with a radio show by the name of “WebTalk World Radio Show” in a Seattle radio station, XM, CNET Radio and 15 other broadcast radio stations from 1999-2006.

Then on on September 15th, the show became a podcast, in 2004 as the first broadcast radio show in the world to begin podcasting.

Rob Greenlee then began his journey working towards professionally producing his work in the Podcasting area, starting out in 2005, working with a venture then a funded mobile phone app company called Melodeo “Mobilcast” that was developing and innovating within the podcasting space. Melodeo had just built at that time Java apps for streaming music and podcasts for early smartphones on many major wireless mobile carriers around the globe. In early 2008, he then began working at Microsoft on the Zune, Windows Phone, and Windows Media Center Podcasts catalogue and platform as a content strategist and a business manager.\nHe left Microsoft in 2014 to join as the Chief Technology Officer.He currently co-hosts a The New Media Show with Todd Cochrane who founded the Tech Podcast Network in 2004. Rob is currently the Head of Content at Spreaker, and his journey continues supporting podcasters and podcasting throughout the space. Details of Rob's work can be found at with the spreaker show on category/spreaker-live-show/ podcast/id1003553029?mt=2&ls=1 podcast/rob-greenlee-3/ spreaker-live-show Silicon Beach Radio is the winner of the popular vote for industry focus at the Australian podcast awards. The Australian podcast awards event in April 2017 was attended by over 200 guests from the Australian podcast industry,

Cast Away honoured the finalists and winners across 11 different categories, including a voter’s choice as well as ten categories presided over by an esteemed judging panel.

Acclaimed marketing speaker and successful podcaster Tim Reid emceed the event, while trophies and prizes were presented by members of the judging panel from organisations such as the ABC, the Sydney Opera House, Whooshkaa podcast platform and 2SER Radio. More details can be found at

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